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Inauguration Fashion 2021

I will say; I missed the Ball. The Inauguration Ball I mean, but there were so many great fashion moments to make up for it!

The first person who caught my eye was Ella Emhoff, yes I did google that. I kept texting my friends “who is the girl in the plaid coat with the sparkly shoulders?!?”. She is Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter. Her plaid, houndstooth coat with sparkly embellishments caught my immediate attention. Not necessarily for the fashion of it but because it was so perfect for her. Her personality shines through her sense of style. Not surprised to find out she is an aspiring artist.

A true trend that emerged from this day were the monochrome colors. Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden all chose this safe yet elegant way of dressing, some complete with matching masks. My favorites were Biden’s granddaughters. They were ready for the cover of Vogue. Graceful and classic. Naomi Biden wore solid white, the symbolic color of the Suffragette movement. Her sister Finnegan stood out the most for me in an amazing camel, floor length coat. Both with matching face masks. Props to their youngest sister for the Jordans, that is my kind of girl!

The obvious style icon slightly disappointed me, although most were more critical of her performance which I didn’t think was bad. J Lo will always be my girl, but the Chanel number did not do much for her in my opinion. Normally a monochrome look will give you an elongated silhouette but when the pants are too long and you layer oversized items you can also drown in a look. Lady Gaga on the other hand nailed it for me. Loved the dress and head gear. Stylish and elegant.

But honestly the most impact was the representation of strong females. I was a sobbing, happy mess watching it all unfold. Our first woman African-Asian-American Vice President! But Amanda Gorman…no words. She stole everyone’s thunder! It was a magical day, all the amazing outfits were just an added bonus!!!!

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