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The Ordinary Serum Foundation vs. Coverage Foundation

I envy those who can apply their make up like a pro. Layered to perfection, giving them that look as if they woke up like that. Being that I don’t have those skills, I stick to my tinted moisturizer to avoid looking like a clown.

One of the reasons behind this is that I have no idea what tint to chose. Who the heck knows if I have pink or yellow undertones? According to the Ulta foundation match on their app, I have medium, neutral skin. This foundation tool on the Ulta app is helpful since it will then instantly guide you to the right foundation and color for you.

I still had my The Ordinary foundations, most likely in the wrong shade but they blend pretty well. They are only $7.00 so that doesn’t hurt either. The Ordinary Foundation Serum review Side note to that one is to shake it up thoroughly before applying. All in all a light weight medium coverage foundation. Paired with a little bronzer on the cheeks and you are good to go.

In comes the coverage foundation. The consistency is thicker than the serum, as expected. But it still does not give you that caked on look that will age you in seconds. I do still feel like I have make up on and every one can tell. But I asked a critical audience and this was not the case. Maybe I should purchase them in my medium neutral shade for better results.

The down side to all of this is taking it off at night, when I am at my laziest. Knowing how crucial it is to go to bed with a clean face I will make the effort. But most nights when I actually do bother to put on foundations are the late nights where I go to bed without taking the make up off therefore I will find most of it on my pillow cover in the morning. I hope that counts too…

Overall verdict. Given you are using the right shade, I can’t really find a downside to either one of these products. I just have to learn to apply primers first to blur lines and pores. One day I will get some expert advise at Sephora or somewhere and get the right shade and product for this 50 year old mug.

Meanwhile…I will be sticking to my tinted moisturizer for everyday use.

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