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Spring Preview

It still has to be done…because whether we are in a pandemic or not…come springtime we will be flocking and flaunting outside again! Hopefully even after the pandemic we will still enjoy our lunches and dinners outside rather than freezing our butts off in an air-conditioned restaurant but that is just my European take on things!

But what to wear?!? In Europe, long floral dresses have been a hot commodity for over a year now. They sport them with sneakers or funky boots. This trend has not fully made it to this side of the pond because I think it is misinterpreted. Which I fully understand. I stayed away from it too. Mainly because I feel as if you have to be tall to pull this off.

The long sleeve version is too house on the prairie for me, but maybe a short sleeve with a funky sandal I will try. Thankfully MANGO opened up a store close to me. They have loads of them on sale, mostly due to this dusty image a long floral dress may have.

The one trend I like but others frown upon is the over exaggerated shoulder pads in t-shirts, tanks and dresses. So far only spotted at the European retailers here in the US. I will tell you why I love this! Shoulder pads will give you the optical illusion of a smaller waist for one. Secondly, the way they are constructed now, they will allow you to go sleeveless without exposing your boob flab or arm pits. We all know they don’t get prettier as we age either. Last but not least, they will accentuate your upper arms in a good way.

Statement sleeves have been reappearing in my blogs. First mentioned in 2018. But they are literally getting bigger and bigger. They are a pain in the derrière to wear under a coat, plus it will then make you look like a line backer. But once the coat is off, you will definitely be a showstopper. These sleeves are hard to miss and will also give you the appearance of a small waist!

The shoes….sigh….this may be cause we are all about comfort now but mannnn. Clogs are coming back in, combat type of shoes and sneakers, ballerina flats, loafers, fishermen’s sandals!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my sneakers but I prefer something more elegant to switch them up with. Hopefully this is just a preview and more exciting things will emerge for Spring Fashion Trends!

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