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Winter Skin

In order to stay sane, and in shape, I try to get out and walk for at least a half hour daily. For me that is a little over 2 miles, although I strive for 3.

The only part of my body that doesn’t benefit from this is my face. As much as the brisk cold air of the North Eastern part of the US wakes me up, it is treacherous for my skin. The January Allure beauty box literally came to my face’s rescue. Props do their marketing department! Send the peeps up North full size Mud Masky’s! Yay!

This mask is undetectable, therefore you can apply it at anytime and let it work it’s magic. It initially goes on white but is quickly absorbed by your skin. The Allure beauty assistant recommends adding a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum to the mask. I put this mask on before I go for my walks now to protect it from that cold, biting air. You can also apply your make-up over this mask although I would wait a while before you do so. Give the mask a chance to sink in for a bit.

Now this is a leave-me-on winter mask. But they are smart folks over there at Mud Masky…they made one for every season. I swear I just learned that they are my peeps; from Amsterdam! I still would have said they were smart even without knowing that! I will say that their web-site is a little confusing…but as a smart Dutch woman, I will figure it out.

I definitely will order the Leave-Me-On-Summer Mask as well. Claiming “they just made chemical sunscreen cry like a little girl”…this stuff is made with flowers and Moroccan Clay. It is not greasy and loaded with chemicals like most other sunblocks. So for your Southern peeps who walk to remain sane while working at home; this one is for you!

Don’t forget your shades either when stepping out! Sunglasses are a must all around the world when going for a walk. They will prevent you from squinting in any climate and at the same time protect the delicate area around your eyes.

I figured out their site! The stuff is not cheap but they have great discounts. Look at it as an investment in your skin…at least that’s how I justify it for myself! They have a Maskne Pack as well Maskne Winter skin care to the rescue!

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