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Mudmasky Serum Infused Eye Mask Review

I was going to do a quick review on social media but there’s a little more to this than that. This stuff is interesting. It promises a lot…reduces dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines even swelling…

I woke up this morning with my bags out of control. I blame it on the pollen since I got my usual 8 hour plus sleep in. I remembered finding this gem in my January allure beauty box and figured this would be the perfect day to give it a shot!

Some reviewers complain about the smell of it, something I did not notice. It is even mentioned on the tube: smells a bit funky! Because the skin around your eye hates perfume but loves the antioxidants of Japanese Matcha tea. That makes sense right? Gotta love the Dutch simple logic approach.

The consistency is thinner than I thought. Don’t expect a mud like eye mask, it’s a bit more “runny” than that. I left it on for the suggested 8 minutes before rinsing, despite the slight stinging sensation. And, voila, it did reduce the appearance of my bags and puffiness. The fine lines and wrinkles are permanent below my eyes but maybe if I use it more often, they will lessen too.

So on the after I have put an eye cream and a lick of mascara on for your viewing pleasure but still less puff! All in all, I would say a win. The price did throw me off; $56.00 but there are coupon codes out there. Plus I also feel as if you can get a lot of uses out of one tube.

That reminds me…I wanted to try the MudMasky summer skin mask. Stay tuned!

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