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Nair leg mask part II

Despite the fact that after the second time I used the charcoal version of this I broke out in one spot, this stuff is growing on me! Nair Leg mask or should I say not growing…

The stubble is definitely less than after a regular shave job, plus the hair does not grow back as fast. Besides the smoothness from lack of stubble, it’s also the softness from the exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. My biggest hang up about the charcoal version was the unavoidable mess it creates. Therefore I had to try the Nair Leg Mask with 100% Clay + Seaweed.

Definitely not as messy, which makes it not as much fun to use either. The kid in me likes to play with the mud. But it is equally effective, and no break outs. The down side of this version is the smell. But what do you expect; clay and seaweed are both not known for their pleasant aroma right?

As mentioned in my previous blog; in order to cover both legs, you may get two uses out of one tube. This would equal around 5 dollars per use. If you only choose to use this on the lower part of your legs that would obviously amount to 4 uses.

Conclusion. Con would be the smell but it is not unbearable. Pros are smooth legs with zero stubble, plus this stuff is great in areas where you are more likely to nick yourself with a razor, like your knees for example…I am a fan!

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