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Fall Fashion 2021 Part 2

I was updated by my sister regarding the current European trends. Turns out I was a little behind. Yes, they are still rocking their flowery dresses but not just with cowboy boots or sneaks….it gets “better” we may now rock our florals with Chelsea boots.

Definitely channeling the early nineties grunge style or was that late eighties? Either way, as always, it’s a bit of a deja vu. Blunt stones or doc’s were the way to go with a floral dress back in the day. Now Chelsea Boots dominate the scene. It does add a bit more spunk to this style, yet I am still going to leave it alone.

Another trend from that era is the little backpack. I have learned to resort to tiny bags due to the lack of a constant male companion who was always ready to pocket my keys and phone. I do own back packs, even a tiny one, even though they do make me feel like a kid when I am using them. I try to keep them on one shoulder for added maturity.

One fashion flashback I will embrace is the vintage Rockband Tees paired with a dress jacket or suit. Or basically any printed vintage shirt, it’s fun. Maybe not appropriate for the office but a quick way to change your business attire into a fun dinner date look in minutes.

Colorful stockings and stockings with a print may also ring a bell. Could be fun right? Big belts….as long as those elastic foot wide waist chokers don’t come back. They can not be good for your internal organs. The wasp like waste was worth the pain though. This season the belt buckle will be the shining star.

As always we will sigh to the younger crowd around us as we proclaim how we “have been there done that” or “should have held on to that”. But the sneaky fashion gods make sure it’s never exactly the same. Should you have held on to some of the above mentioned you may play it off as “vintage”. That’s always justifiable.

What’s next…scrunchies, tattoo chokers?! YUP!!

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