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Fall Fashion 2021

Yawn! Don’t get me wrong. I love, love, love summer. But I also love, love, love fall clothes. I get excited about my fuzzy sweaters, faux leather leggings and booties. It is definitely more fun than my summer wardrobe, although some may beg to differ.

My reason for the *yawn* is that the Fall Fashion Previews are the same old stuff. Maybe this is due to COVID that most brands still have inventory or maybe because we didn’t get the chance to wear it last year, they are giving it a second chance?

Neo Bourgeois

Either way it will save me some money! Since I already own most of the “Fall Must-Haves”. I will remain to have a positive perspective. Ok maybe one jab: tweed, small plaids and small scarves…surprised?! This year it is referred to as “Neo-Bourgeois”….exactly “new-bougee”. My way of rocking this look will include boots, tweed pants, a crispy white blouse and a scarf. These are even still cool tied to your favorite purse.

That brings me to boots, another obvious statement style in your fall wardrobe. These can remain high, as in over the knee. I LOVE my sock boots since they stay up, I can’t say the same for my other high boots. It is a constant tug of war which takes away from the sex appeal of them. I will say that some think high boots are hot, others prefer to see some legs in a stocking with a nice pump, but that is a matter of taste. I am talking fashion here, people! Lily’s Closet has these insanely high, up to the thigh stretch boots from faux stretch leather that appear to do the trick of staying put They even have a pair with a built in belt and adjustable loops. Say wha?!? They will stay up for sure!

Another returning trend is shine and glitter. YAY! And not just for the holidays. You may sparkle all winter long. I also don’t mind that the animal prints are staying around for yet another season. I love a good leopard print pant. As mentioned last fall; I try to keep animal prints away from my face. With dark hair it tends to make me look a little trashy. I also prefer to wear sneaks with my fake leather snake skin printed leggings instead of heels, in order to avoid the whole Peg Bundy feel. But I let her come out every once in a while! I just realized we can jazz this whole Fall Fashion thing up. Combine your high boots with some leopard print leggings and a shiny top! BAM!

One more obvious Fall prediction: corduroy, velvet and leather. Faux leather may stick around forever in my book. Corduroy maybe as an accent skirt and velvet I will leave up to you all!

Europe is still on the floral printed dresses kick, paired with cowboy boots or sneakers….I am glad that trend never really made it over here. Although maybe it is cause it never left. Although I don’t think Keds are the proper sneaker to rock with a floral dress in order to make it look funky. Fall Fashion I Fall Fashion II

Up next: Fall colors…

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