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Fall Colors 2021

Mmmmm….my fall colors which are not mandated by Vogue will always be wooly whites, denim (not a color, I know) but I will go with blue for that and black. I know the latter is not the most creative but I love being able to rock my black tights.

Fall 2021 colors that dominated the runways? Jewel tones:warm purple, ruby red, emerald green, amber yellow, warm turquoise. Returning colors for fall? Terra cotta, browns, beige. New and surprising? Pantone colors; yellow and grey. Mint and ash greens.

London Fashion week stood out by showing bright reds and blues. New York was more subdued with only an occasional pop of orange or burgundy. Orange is a tricky color depending on your skin tone. I can rock it in the summer but it is not the best look for me with my paler winter skin in my case. The same thing goes for yellows. They have to be bright for me against sun kissed skin, I let yellows be in the fall and winter.If you are looking for a more subdued look then off whites will always be the best bright light in any fall wardrobe.

Greens are always good to fall back on. And as much as I love black, I save that for the winter. I can sport black from November straight until early March. Without a pop of color! Maybe a burst of gold or sparkle…or leopard print….

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