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TRIA hair removal laser

This is always an embarrassing subject but yet as women get older we love to brag about our increase in chin hair! We will proclaim “wait until your 40!! When a 20 year old lovingly points out her first whisker.

It’s that hormonal thing again. Aging, horizontal shifts and menopause will cause some of your pretty little peach fuzz to transform into something called terminal hair. Fancy word for the thicker, coarse, dark stuff.

I have learned that getting rid of the peach fuzz on your face is perfectly fine. Some state it’s a myth that hair will grow back darker after shaving. I am not taking any chances on my neck and chin though. Plucking a view of the stray hairs on your chin is not an impossible task and has proven to be harmless. Although as this aging thing progresses and hormones afire, it is becoming an impossible task for me to keep up with.

In comes my beautiful friend again, who always has wonderful ideas. Face Blaster by Ashley Black There fore I trust her judgement, because this thing ain’t cheap! This time she recommended TRIA Hair Removal Laser. This thing deactivates the skin follicles that produce hair. Pretty neat right? This process only works on black or brown hairs since this laser heats up the dark pigments inside the hair in order to deactivate the follicle.

I don’t want to get too technical. Don’t expect your chin to be smooth as a baby’s bottom right away. It’s a tedious task and you will probably miss a few follicles in the process. Plus the fact that your hair grows in cycles, consequently multiple treatments are necessary. I still plucked a few dark hairs after the first two treatments but there are significantly fewer hairs to pluck.

I recommend starting with a problem area on your chin, possibly about a square inch. Unless you have a lot more patience than I do, then feel free to tackle your entire chin! Two reasons for the small patch; first of all, it is a tedious precise task. Secondly; it hurts! And I am normally not that squeamish. BUT….big ole but(!)…it’s worth it! I even mustered up the courage to tackle the stache with this thing. It’s not as bad as I thought, just that little part right under the nose is a doozy!

Since it is permanent at one point and I would hate for this thing to lie around idle….I may start on my pits this winter! They will be ready in time for next summer. As mentioned above, it is a little bit of an investment and I got the cheaper, smaller version. But I will say that it does not disappoint! Possibly in a year or two my whole body will be smooth like a baby’s bottom….maybe three…

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