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Erno Laszlo Eyes

I’m developing some expensive habits. I blame my Allure beauty box as always. But when something works I can justify it plus calculating in the time the stuff lasts…

I have written a lot of blogs about under eye cream but this one is different. It’s like the U Beauty cream; I noticed the difference when I stopped using it. I took a chance with this product because I loved their eye patches so much. This Antioxidant for Eyes by Enzo Laszlo contains Vitamin C and Mulberry extract. Does it magically erase wrinkles? No. But it clearly improves the elasticity of your shim below your eyes which will lessen the wrinkles intensity. Therefore giving you a more refreshed and youthful look. That’s totally from the heart not their site!

The magical patches I was speaking of, contain allantoin, a moisturizer agent that offers hydration to help plump little lines and soothe delicate under-eyes. Those are not my words! According to the review they are invisible enough to wear around the office but I wouldn’t go that far. They claim to be great for dark circles, puffiness, crows feet and wrinkles. All that in one patch! But it’s by far one of the best results I have ever seen after using them. Use them before bedtime and you will wake up less poofy in the morning.

Once again, these things don’t come cheap. (Thank you once again Allure Beauty Box) $35.00 for 6 sets. Around 6 bucks for an awake look….

The Antioxidant for eyes will set you back $75.00 divided by twice a day, divided by 60 days minimum…65 cents a day….ish. Works to justify shoes too!

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