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Facial Masks

I read somewhere that Martha Stewart’s daily beauty routine starts with a face mask. Your first reaction is probably; Martha Stewart?! Well, you have to admit she looks pretty good for 80 right? Your second is probably; ain’t nobody got time for that! Rest assured; there is no need for daily face masks. This may even do more harm than good.

It really comes down to your skin type to determine the frequency of a face mask, and the type of face mask as well. But on average the max of three masks a week should suffice. There are a variety of masks, my current favorite being the sheet masks since they are the least hassle free. Although every once in a while a good old clay mask will work wonders. A face mask can be used in the morning when it has hydrating benefits to prep your skin for the day ahead. When you choose an exfoliating mask, it will be more effective at night before you go to bed.

My fave most affordable pick: St. Ives Gentle smoothing scrub & mask. Say wha? Yup; scrub and mask with oatmeal. Wall nut shells scrub away dull skin when you use this as a scrub. Then somehow (don’t ask) the calming properties of oatmeal and honey will soothe your skin when used as a mask. It is very gentle for your skin and can be used 3 to 4 times a week. All I can say is that it makes my skin feel fresh and perky afterwards. Yup; perky. Added perk: it is less than $5.00.

Favorite sheet mask: Karuna Skin sheet mask. Although I have learned these are not ideal for sensitive skin. My face absolutely loved it. One of the few sheet masks that actually showed instant results. I use the hydrating masks enriched with hyaluronic acid and soybean. We all know by now that the first locks in moisture. Soy contains a boatload of antioxidants which helps give your skin a youthful appearance. You will have to dig a little deeper in your pockets for this one. 28 dollars for 4 on Amazon.

Favorite gel mask: Acura Vitamin C Hydrating Jelly Mask. The only turn off for me was the smell but I can live with it since the results are worth it. It definitely brightens and tightens your skin without actually drying it out. Contains banana extract and watermelon seed extract which gave the false hope that it would smell a lot better. But for 5 bucks you get at least two generous face masks worth…I managed to squeeze out 3…no need to justify this purchase.

I will say that it may be hard to find the time to sit back and relax while your skin benefits from these masks. Keep in mind that besides your face; your mind and body may enjoy the time out as well.

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