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Holiday Party Dresscodes

Aah the joy of an office Holiday soirée!

I used to love a good company holiday party. It is the best people watching event second to the airport. As well as the best place to observe the impact of alcohol on your least favorite colleagues plus if the food is half way decent; all in all, you will have a good night.

When an invite states: business and cocktail attire are preferred, stick with the following rule of thumb.

For men this means a suit with or without a tie. For women, Cocktail does not mean “mega-short-and-strapless”. Although I have to admit mine are getting shorter but the years before I stuck to knee length..keeping in mind it’s still a work event. The one in the pic below never made it out of the house!

I am sticking to my “feel comfortable” advice. If you’re going to worry about anything being too short or too tight then let it go. You will be the one who people are watching, and talking about the next day. If you feel self-conscious about your arms; wear a long sleeve. I think a long sleeve can be very flattering. Cap sleeves put the emphasis on your upper arm therefore making them look bigger, but a sleeve a little shy of the elbow is very elegant.

If you can; please purchase a pair of plain black heels. I noticed a lot of summer sandals at our party last year….these with stockings are not a great combo. Stocking are a must, as uncomfortable as they are. Preferably the sheer kind in nude or black. Opaque tights will disrupt the flow. I can’t stand control tops but since these are mostly unavoidable, I will cut small V’s in the top band in order to be able to breath. This won’t cause any gigantic runs if you do it correctly….small v’s….

A classic pant suit can be very sexy if done right. As well as a well-fitting catsuit. I am referring to the fit because these are prone to camel toe and wedgies. Plus a pain in the behind when it comes to bathroom time!

Stay away from the booze or at least limit the intake! There is a time and a place for everything. My whole team was called out by the CEO back in the nineties after a massive company party. Trust me, you don’t want to get that phone call!

I was raised to thank the host before I leave. A few years ago I was the only one who bothered doing so and it had a great positive impact. It only takes a minute but goes a long way!

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