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My favorite things part II

How many days until Christmas?!? Yikes! And we have to actually go out and get it since shipping has been a disaster!? But there are worse things to worry about right?

To help you along the way; a few more of my favorite things.

Peepers my favorite readers. Of course I own a ton of dollar store versions but the Peeps obviously have better lenses, are more sturdy and are a little funkier! Check local boutique stores to be able to get your hands on them in time for the Holidays! I got mine at Peperberries in Culpeper VA on a family visit. The Peepers site has a store locator to check availability in your area. I can’t wait for the Peepers 2022 Sunglasses Collection.

Knee High Cable Knit Socks. I blame one of my readers for this, or I should actually thank her! I just wanted to try them to see if they would stay up. Now granted they weren’t as fuzzy as promised, but they surprisingly cling on to my upper thighs pretty well. I will admit there is some girth holding them up. All this aside, they turn out to be perfect for a pj less woman. I don’t like having stuff on my legs while sleeping but also don’t like being cold rolling out of bed. In come these babies; keeping my legs nice and toasty on my way to my Keurig.

Hey Dewey Wireless Humidifier I received mine as a gift last year in white but they now come in pretty colors like blush pink. This little thing is powerful, and one tank will last overnight. The steam will soothe dry skin, dry sinuses and cracked lips. My face hates forced heat. I take a beating every night, my eyes are lips will both crack if I don’t have a window cracked. Therefore this is a lifesaver for me during those no-way-I’m-cracking-a-window months.

And as always…if all else fails, gift cards or cold hard cash will always be a fan favorite. Just don’t be a grinch and at least put a bow on it.

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