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MediHeal DNA Hydrating Protein Pack

Nourishing, hydrating and replenishing. Check, check and check! It’s a perfect power punch for dry winter skin. It is a very moist (sorry ladies) sheet mask that will feel heavenly on your face.

It has enough creamy serum to cover your neck and chest as well. I just cut the bag open and shamelessly rub it all over. It is not necessarily made for lifting and firming but focuses on hydration, something our older grills require as well.

I mentioned before in a blog that some will apply masks daily. But for those of us who actually work, 2 to 3 times is recommended. I only do it when I feel I need it. After a rough weekend, a blistery, winter walk or anything else that will leave your face begging for a hydrating mask.

The price is awesome; a pack of 10 will set you back about $20.00. Can’t beat a $2.00 treat for your skin right? I feel as if most facial masks will leave your skin glowing and refreshed but some stand out. Like this one…

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