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Say wha?!? Feathering….at our age we think this may have to do with a Farah Fawcett hair-do. But we also know that this is that stuff that happens around your lips shortly after you apply your lipstick or even worse: lip gloss!! It just seeps right into those little lines around your lips creating a look we delicately call “feathering”.

Some of the cosmetic companies have picked up on this phenomenon and have come up with some “solutions”. For starters in the form of a lipliner to keep your lipstick in control.

Covergirl Farewell Feathering lipliner seems to do the trick. It is a clear liner therefore you can use it with any lip color. All I can say is that it works for a minute since you can not sharpen this product. I honestly thought I was bugging. After I tried to unsuccessfully sharpen it I thought it may have been a push up contraption but soon found out that wasn’t the case either. The few uses I did get out of this liner did keep my lipstick from feathering but even for the $4.99 SRP it is not worth it.

Milani has an Anti-Feathering Lipliner as well for the same price as Covergirl. The tip of this one came off instantly but that was partly due to my own doing. I thought it was a pencil but it is more a gel-like soft tip…I have no idea how else to described it. I ended up just smearing it all over my lips and that worked….for that day……since this is also a “pencil” you can not sharpen. What am I missing here feather lip lining people?

Top pic is without anti feathering liner. Pic below after a few hours of wear with the liner.

On that note I will stick to my MAC Prep+Prime lip and a good lip liner. The combination of the two does the trick. I start with the MAC Prep+Prime, the liner, and then the lip stick. I think you’re actually supposed to end with the MAC too but that’s too much work in my book. This product is well worth the $18.50. At our age you also have to make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized, that’s half the battle.

People who know me well also realize I only do this every blue moon since lip-stick-days and/or nights are rare in my life. I still end up looking like I just ate a bowl of spaghetti after my attempt of putting any kind of color on my lips. But I keep saying I will be wearing it more often once I get the hang of it. This from a girl who wore bright red lipstick 24/7 back in the 90’s! To be young!

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