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Foundations for aging skin

First and foremost I would like to reiterate that aging is a process we should embrace. We are like fine wine, we get better as we age….but we are also like the grapes in the wine and tend to shrivel us a it along the way….

This is because the elasticity, water content and texture of our skin changes. YAY! The keys to selecting a foundation for our maturing skin is to chose hydrating foundation with a thinner texture. Try to stay away from matte finishes as well, opt for the radiant, dewey and satiny types. They sound better anyway. It all boils down to blurring texture and blending discoloration without this stuff settling into your fine lines and wrinkles. A good primer is key as well!

The thing that sucks about the research is that I always get intrigued by the “best splurges”. They always sound so good, as they should for those prices. The number one on my wishlist is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which will set you back about $64.00. Which in all actuality’s not bad if it will leave your skin looking flawless as promised…I have to physically go into Sephora and have them tell me what shade I should use, since I am not really good with that. It’s just a hassle right now with the masks and everything but once I do I will let you know if this cult favorite is splurge worthy.

In the meantime, you know the frugal me decided to try my old faithful No.7. I religiously used their lift and luminate products prior to my beauty blog adventure. Therefore I decided to try their Lift & Luminate Tripple Action Serum Foundation. Since I am of the tinted moisturizer type, I am a bit weary of foundations. I figured a serum would be lighter even though it claims to give you full coverage. The Triple Actions are promising; reduces fine lines and wrinkles, your skin will appear firmer and more lifted, and your skin tone more even. Good stuff right? That’s what the triple action serum, Matrixyl 3000 Plus does. This foundation also contains Hibiscus and Vitamins A and C.

Like any other foundation, you should make sure your skin is properly moisturized to avoid “rolling”. I have also read that at our age we should not skip a primer. Check and check. I applied this foundation with a sponge, as suggested, and as pleased with the results. It does not feel like it’s caked on, although the primer does give me that feeling. It does not migrate in the fine lines and gives an overall fresh look. Another plus for me that it doesn’t settle in my pores either which are enlarged in some areas of my face.

Side note; I found it on sale at Target. Win, win! Giorgi may have to wait on the side line for a while….

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