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Upper lip care

Let’s talk about the “bar code” above the lip and maybe the upper-lip fuzz as well….but first the wrinkles. Preventively, for my younger readers, there are certain you should cut out now. It is simple logic; anything that involves your lips to pout, purse or pucker. Smoking, drinking through straws,  and uhmmmm….basically every repetitive muscle motion around your mouth…(don’t tell your significant other you heard that from me!). Like I will continue to say; I am just keeping it real!


Some wrinkle creams that contain retinol, coenzyme Q10 or kinetin will work on deep wrinkles around your lips. The main key is hydrate and moisturize, which seems to be returning factors in this “ageless” process. There is a huge difference between hydrating and moisturizing. Dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated, dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized. Drinking plenty of water doesn’t necessarily do the trick when it comes to dehydrated skin. Once again coconut oil is on the list of the best hydrators. Try to exfoliate your upper lip twice a week before you hydrate. Slap on the creams and oils morning and night, after you brush your teeth!

I am currently trying ROC Retinol Correction Deep wrinkle daily moisturizer after reading great reviews about this stuff. For instant gratification I love No.7 instant Illusion Wrinkle filler. It blurs like a primer but you put it on after you apply foundation. Fancy light-reflecting particles make your wrinkles optically fade away….some how…

Instant fix for photo’s is to either “cheeeessse” big or open wide! Let the duck face go! This does remind me of a great exercise you can do in the car while stuck in traffic…or basically anywhere else in the world; put on your biggest cheese face, hold for 10 seconds and release, repeat about 20 times. I cheese all day long, for that reason you would think I shouldn’t have to worry to much about the upper lip but it seems the damage has been done. Or is still being done…

The “stache”: The hair on the upper lip I bleach and remove…what can I say…I am European…I come with hair! I use Sally Hansen Creme Hair Removal duo kit. No stubble and apperently reduces hair growth, although I can’t vouch for that just yet. For facial bleach I like Jolen even though I gave up on the perfect measuring. It seems to work either way. Jeezzz…and I keep telling myself I am low maintenance…


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