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Women’s History Month

This month marks Women’s History Month. Women are amazing creatures. We are also extremely complex. This combination can be extraordinarily successful as the women we celebrate this month are a shining example of. However, In our daily lives this mixture can also be a recipe for disaster.

Our brains are in consistent over drive, I don’t think there is a man in the world who will count the hours they have actually slept as they are laying awake at night, forcing themselves to go to sleep. On the plus side the brain activity allows us to multitask, on the downside this may create anxiety.  

I am by no means an expert, and these are my own thoughts and beliefs, not scientifically proven. Women are our own worst enemies. Once again this can be used for good or bad! Your body for example, we are our own harshest critic, therefore we diet and exercise. Which in turn, if not overdone, will benefit your health. Not only are we most critical of our own but women in general are critical of each other, not so much the men. Right? Men don’t care about a little muffin top as where another female will be quick to point it out or just mentally register it. Hence, women can be vicious. It’s nothing new. Bright side: it keeps us on our toes. Maybe we should also interpret the cattiness as constructive criticism and the world would be a better place.

Woman also have the ability to create scenarios in our head of any situation and let our emotions take over accordingly. It seems to be hard to take the “what if” factor out of our brain twists. I envy men in that sense: their ability to rationalize. I rock at this at work, but I wish I was able to carry that over into my day-to-day life. I would also love to know how men can move on so quickly after an argument amongst each other. Maybe I should read woman are from Venus, it may describe why we hold grudges, and a man will high five each other they day after one of them found out the other groped his wife. That may be a bit extreme, but you know what I mean. I would love to know how they forget things and we dwell FOR-EVAH.

I try to surround myself with my “push peeps”, this has nothing to do with labor but everything with people who want nothing more for me than the best. The ones who support you in achieving greatness, no matter what level. I have encountered females who preach about women supporting women but will try to get with your significant other at the same time. Now if I was trying to get out of that relationship, yes that would be a great support!

I will say that honestly, despite my occasional melt down, I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are passionate, complex, driven, and interesting creatures touched by a bit of madness. It defines who we are, and the world would be a dull, boring place if we weren’t so different from men. There is a reason why we were created like this. We will keep on making history.

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