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Spring Prep

I know I am the everlasting optimist, but it is only 19 days until Spring! Since I am also the everlasting procrastinator, I hereby vouch to get ready for Spring NOW! How you may ask? Well….

First and foremost; get active!! I learned something about mental stamina the other day. My brain is my own worst enemy. I try to think of all the stuff I have to do the day ahead of me while I am doing my push ups. Not “I think I can, I think I can”. I do like the yoga program I am following now, it fits right in my alley. Some HIIT days, some chill days. But after the 30 days, I am going back to Barre and my girl Jillian for toning. I am also looking forward to going back outside for a three mile walk at least 3 times a week. Even if you have to bundle up (look who’s talking!). I am a nice-weather-walker, although I know a brisk winter walk can be very refreshing!

Secondly; lather up! Your skin lost moisture this winter. You may not drink as much water this season, and I am not sure if Moscow Mules hydrate sufficiently. Plus if you are like me; I will skip my lotion once I hop out of the shower just because it is just too freaking cold. So either suck it up ( I am talking to myself here) and use Avon’s Affirm lotion or anything with Hyaluronic stuff in it and lather up. Orrrrr use oil right before you get out of the shower. Lotions also work better when applied on a slightly damp after shower bod, it will literally trap he moisture. Keep in mind to keep a separate towel handy to dry your hair with so you won’t get the oil or lotion in your hair.

$2.95 Forever 21 tank James Read Self Tanner Few months with Jillian…..

Next replace your whites. White t-shirts, white tanks, white cami’s…we all know they are not as white “no-more” after a years worth of wear. This wardrobe refresher should not break the bank. Stock up on tanks for $2.95 at Forever 21, $5.00 tees at H&M and maybe “splurge” on a nice $17.95 cami at Target and you will be good to go. PS I also just bought a family pack of white no-show socks…throwing all my mismatched socks out today!!! Or tomorrow…..just soon!!

Last but not least; some of us may want to do ourselves and others in our lives a favor and invest in a good self tanner. I am a fan of Vita Liberata’s body blur too. This is make up for your body with a build in self tanner. Perfect for those first awkward days of spring when your legs can be blinding. This stuff is pretty dark though so make sure your face matches your bod. It is not a good look in the common mistake of a darker face, it trust me that this looks worse if applied incorrectly.

Either way I am psyched, I am a summer baby. I function better during the warmer months, therefore I will make sure I am ready! Once we get closer I will remind you of the shaving and the feet!

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  1. I see a Sunshine coming from you on your Instagram and I love it so keep that beautiful smile on point and keep showing every by pushing 50 its just a number make them Jealous Girl…

    • Thank you! I have to update my “about” page cause I’m over the hill now!! 😊

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