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Akar Restore Eye Serum

The area around my eyes is extra sensitive, as is yours most likely. During the winter they get irritated from the dry heat, in the spring I tend to wake up with my eyes all red and itchy. And I mean the skin around my eye. The latter most likely due to the beautiful blooming tree outside my bedroom window which I like to keep open.

This spring it was so bad that every thing I tried to put around my eyes burned and caused for my skin to peel. And I wasn’t using cheap stuff either! Not sure why but in a final attempt I tried Akar Restore Eye Serum. I did not realize this stuff is made to soothe flakiness and itchiness. Besides that it brightens, depuffs, lessens the appearance of fine lines and stimulates collagen. Almost too good to be true? It instantly took care of my flaky, itchy lids which is priceless to me, the other qualities are added bonuses for me.

It is a pure oil like substance and it goes on thick. It is made with hydrating argon and jojoba, but somehow is not greasy. I know I use way too much of it and therefore have to give it some time to be absorbed. Ideally you only need a drop, warm it in between your fingers before applying. Remember to tap lightly not pull on the skin around your eyes.

At night I use it solo, in the morning I try to apply it less enthusiastically underneath my normal eye cream. I actually just read it is best to use alone but if you do layer it is supposed to go after your eye cream. This miracle potion comes in a bottle with the niftiest dispenser system that “traps” the perfect amount of oil per use. Once again, I have my Allure Beauty Box to thank for this full size miracle item. To replace it I will have to justify the $85.00 but not having burning eyes is priceless. Plus the fact that one bottle will last your 4 to 6 months. In my case this would be 4 months, which would be about 70 cents a day. Justified!

The pure results of this product honestly does not need any justification. I am a fan!

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