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The one about Dior foundation

I went in for Giorgio. I won’t lie. I walked out with Dior. Because as the girl said “well it is Dior”. Sorry Armani. Since the “comes in 40 shades” scares the crap out of me I decided to go into Sephora and actually ask someone what brand and color I should use. This is probably the reason why I always stuck by my tinted moisturizer. Less pressure.

I always envy people who know how to apply their make up. I will never be that person nor do I feel my skin is the perfect canvas for it. But I am committed to making more of an effort. I told the very young girl in Sephora that I’m old. I also told her I read about the cult favorite foundation by Giorgio Armani. She recommended Super Glow by Dior. It will not settle in lines and creases either. It took her only minutes to pick out my perfect shade and I was ready to go.

After doing some research, I learned that it’s 86% floral skincare base which intensely hydrates the skin. It just sounds beautiful “it’s enriched with iris,wild pansy, hibiscus and nasturtium”. The last one is a flower too…I looked it up. All these goodies may lastingly improve your skin’s qualities. You can tell when I am quoting straight of the product descriptions right?

The foundation is designed for 24 hour wear and is non-comedogenic. I noticed that it also did not leave my mask covered in make up, which in this day and age counts for a plus too. I will admit that it was a little above my price range, but cheaper than Giorgio. Therefore I was slightly disappointed that I did not notice a rad difference. But then I realized that’s what makes this stuff so good! It provides coverage without caking and settling in creases. My ever so critical girlfriends could not get over how smooth my skin looked! I still will not use it every day, even though it claims to restore and plump your skin as you use it. I resort to my tinted moisturizer for the ease of it and that product claims to lift and tighten too…I figured I can’t lose with either one. Although the latter is still easier to remove.

In order to create the perfect canvas I figured I need primer too, but more about that to come, and a beauty blender. Possible a foundation brush….Took me half a century to start doing this right!

I am still kinda curious about Giorgio though…

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  1. Nice read. It struck a chord with me because, I too have been procrastinating over Giorgio, having heard it’s for mature skin. Let’s see who gets their hands on it first 😃

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