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Castor oil

I was about to pop up a quick IG post about my love for Castor oil. But as I was researching this potion, I realized there is more to this oil than I knew.

According to Web MD: castor oil’s fatty acids are natural humectants used to moisturize skin by preventing water loss. This I knew. I even dab a little bit of it under my eyes during the winter months to prevent my bags from shriveling up from the dry heat.

At times I will also treat my whole body to castor oil although this can be a sticky mess. What I didn’t know is that most people mix it with almond, olive or coconut oil to make it more user friendly. I find that the bigger bottles of castor oil are easier to use on the body. They may be diluted a bit already.

I have heard that you may consume castor oil. It’s supposed to rid you of constipation. I cannot vouch for this as I have not tried it but people have been using it for centuries.

I also use it on my hair when I sleek it back. It has an extreme hold. Besides that, it’s also good for your hair. It’s even known to stimulate hair growth. Again, use it sparingly, since it may cause your hair to “dread up” and we all know those knots will create more hair loss than growth.

What I truly was not aware of is that this oil may sooth inflammation and even helps heal wounds. To take it a step further than that, rumor has it that it works against vaginal and urinary tract infections. I wish I knew this years ago! Wonder if that will “dread” too for the non woogits.

All in all this oils are nature’s little multitaskers! Although it is advisable to test even the natural stuff, because these may cause allergic reactions. That would be the last thing you’d want down there!

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