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Exercise and aging

What other motivation for exercise as we age do we need than that it can reverse skin aging!? Say wha!? It does not only make the appearance of the skin look younger but may even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising later in life. So there is no excuse to not start this at any age.

The best anti-aging exercises? Number one in the list is yoga. Check! Once I get past the floatiness of my Yogi, and actually listen to her extensive instructions, I believe I have learned how to do this right. I love the Amazon Prime 30 day program for weight loss with Julia Marie. She combines HIIT, power yoga and classic yoga with amazing recovery day exercises. I will admit it is the only thing I can stick to since I’m slightly lazy and am not a fan of cardio.

Weightlifting should be added to this routine too. We may tend to shy away from this but it is so important for your bone density. Read: you will not break your bones as easily. Since weight training has also proven to improve balance, coordination and mobility; you may have less of a chance to fall anyway! Adding weights to your routine also builds lean muscle mass. That’s the stuff we start to lose after we turn 30. Building lean muscle mass is not only healthy, but it looks great too.

Walking is number 3. I try to get a few miles in at least 4 times a week. First and foremost, studies have shown that walking improves your mental health. Some even claim it reduces the risk of dementia. I will stick to the fact walking is a great stress reliever, belly fat burner and muscle toner for me. It also improves cardiovascular health. A healthy heart is a no brainer in order to age at all.

And yes…cardio…yikes. This is recommended for younger looking skin. Especially swimming, biking and dancing! Wait a minute: I may be able to do this cardio thing after all. These activities increase your heart rate which pumps more blood into our body. Better circulation helps strengthen our heart and gives us beautiful skin. I think we need to add sex to this list too. But that’s just my opinion, either way cardio is looking better to me by the minute.

Exercising may have an indirect on skin aging by bettering sleep and lowering stress. Plus the above mentioned increase in blood flow will also keep skin cells healthy and vital. Do I need to say more? Or have half of you ran out halfway during this blog to get in your downward dog? Namaste.

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