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Shower Power

Lazy is a reoccurring word in my blogs, as is moisture. These two don’t go hand in hand because keeping your entire body moisturized will require some work.

I start with trying to take short cuts in the shower. Although I question my body washes. Do they really work since you do rinse them off right away?

Surprisingly Body Washes tend to be more moisturizing than Shower Gels. Especially if you find one with hyaluronic acid and/or petrolatum. Logically hot, long showers will defeat the purpose of either one. Hot water will only dry your skin out more.

In comes Dove with a new line of shower products which seem to be right up my lazy alley. It’s a two step process: starting out with a body butter. You apply this all over and rinse off to prep for the body cleanser to double down on hydration. Massage the cleanser to your wet skin and rinse off. Does this 2 step process eliminate the body lotion? I would love to say yes, but personally, I can’t skip the lotion without feeling dry later.

That may be the difference between hydrating and moisturizing. The first is accomplished in the shower, the second right after. Lotion is most effective within a minute after you shower, preferably when you are not completely toweled off yet to seal in the moisture. I realize I just potentially added two steps to my routine. So much for being lazy. On days when I am pressed for time, I will still reach for my baby oil. I apply this on my wet skin and immediately dry off. Three steps in one. I will indulgence in the Dove treatment when time allows since I do love the feel of it.

As mentioned before: I love their marketing as well. No BS: just embrace your age! Or basically telling us there is not much else we can do about this…

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