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The lines above our lip

What are they called? The lines above your lips: smokers lines? Or just the barcode above your lip? Either way, they are as hard to prevent as they are to treat.

I have covered the preventing before. Smoking is absolutely out as is any other continuous sucking or puckering motion. Uhm, like a straw! Yes a straw…The other culprit is just plain old aging, which is unavoidable.

But since we have all decided to go down swinging, here are a few pointers as to keep these lines at bay or look a little better. The first one is the obvious one: moisture. That is what all wrinkles need: lot of moisture. Facial oils are perfect for the area above your lip. If you don’t have any facial oils on hand, you may resort to your kitchen cabinet. Olive oil, coconut oil or grape seed oil will do the trick as well. Possibly even better than an expensive facial oil.

Another night time solution would be a collagen based serum. Since we all know the lack of collagen is another reason why we get these wrinkles in the first place. Apply collagen every night after cleansing and toning and follow it with a rich nighttime moisturizer. Overtime this may reduce the appearance of the bar code.

Sunscreen is another must in this preventive regimen. When all else fails there are “in-office” procedures such as micro needling, Botox injections and laser treatments. I do have a friend who looks amazing mostly thanks to the first procedure but I have yet to resort to any “in-office” procedure as I am a coward and cheap.

My damage appears to have been done. Although coincidentally someone mentioned some magic potion to me that I just ordered….to be continued!

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