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Labor Day

On labor day we honor working people and therefore we get a day off. Makes sense, the average American has 10 paid vacation days a year, and around 6 paid holidays. Labor Day most likely being one of them. In Europe the minimum amount of vacation days varies per country but mostly lingers around a minimum of 20 days. I left a job with 30 days in the dust, but I cannot complain, for American standards I am very well off between my vacation and holidays!

In the fashion world this day reignites the everlasting “white after labor day” etiquette dispute. The answer to that debate is crystal clear: YES you may wear white after labor day. You may even wear your white shoes, if you like…


The whole don’t-wear-white-movement stems back to the late 19th century. It was a rule created by the “old money” elites to separate themselves from the “new money” peeps. Although this may not be the true reason, which is much simpler and from the same era. The first Monday of September marked the end of summer and vacationers packed away their linen button downs and flowy light dresses. Let’s face it; it is also a lot more practical. Wearing white to school or work is never a bright idea. Bets are made when I walk into the office wearing a white jacket….just saying…but I rock it the first half hour!

Winter whites are awesome. Make-up can cause a bit of an issue since it’s hard to keep off your winter whites due to turtle necks, higher necklines. White pants may be tricky during rainy or snowy days. As will white shoes. But whites will always reflect light onto your beautiful face and make it shine.

The end of summer sounds so dramatic. Pools close immediately, no mas lifeguards on the beach….even though the temps will still rise way above the 80’s. It’s not officially fall until the 22nd people! I don’t do pumpkin spice until then either!

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