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European Fashion

I always get inspired on my trips overseas. The moment I land, I can spot the current trend. This herd like behavior used to drive me bonkers but it’s a cool thing when admired from a distance.

Sweats and matching hoodies, combined with clunky sneaks and a wool overcoats. Yes, all worn together. I would end up looking homeless but my peeps can make this glamorous somehow. When it comes to coats, they are mostly long and as everything else: oversized. They come in wool, teddy or down and in an array of colors.

Belts over cardigans, jackets and blazers. Another one I can’t seem to pull off but looks amazing on others. Long knitted cardigans over sweats and sneaks, paired with a belt. It sounds so not sexy but it depends on how it’s done. Belt over heavier blazers and lighter coats, in either thick or thin varieties; all is permitted.

I have touched on the clunky sneaks, but the boots are just as clunky. Worn under wide legged jeans or paired with stockings and faux leather skirts. I realized I am just exposed to mostly street wear during my ventures out into European cities. At night it is right back to pointed heeled boots or pumps combined with a lot of pleather.

Space invader shoulders. My sister was trying to explain this before my arrival. I wasn’t sure how to feel about these until I found a knit version of the phenomenon. The sales girl wore it with a peasant blouse, another look I would have never thought of myself. I am still not a 100% convinced but I will make it work somehow. I spotted a fun green vest version, but that one did not make it to my suitcase.

Overall there is a lot of oversized everything out there. Blazers, knitted sweaters, shackets, blouses. The brave wear them with baggy pants or loose jeans. I still believe in showing some curves. therefore I will continue to counter any oversized item with a tighter one. Heavy loose knits with a short hemline. Oversized blazers with a tighter tank top. Loose boyfriend style blouses with leggings or skinny jeans.

I have never been good at joining herds. Although that is what fashion is. Therefore this is a bit contradictory. I am a rebel in the sense of not conforming to everything. I wear only what I like and give it my own twist. Style over fashion any day. Much respect to me peeps for maintaining their fashionable selfs.

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