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Fall 2022 trends

Trends in my book, are guidelines not rules. They inspire me and give me ideas. Mostly in how to recycle pieces in my closet with a few newly added twists. I am a bit of a clothes hoarder but mostly since I know everything will come back around after a few years. Usually with a twist but that is what makes it more fun, plus gives me an excuse to go shopping for the “updates”.

First item that is unavoidable this season is the tailored dress pant. Preferably high waisted, pleated and baggy. I have never been a fan of pleated pants, they are just not flattering on a lot of us. If anything, stick to a flat box pleat. The misconception with these pants is that you may think you have to be over 6 foot and skinny to pull this look off. This is not the case; when worn correctly these pants will elongate your legs and put the emphasis on the waist line. A few catches to this if you are shorter: you may not want to wear them with flats and you will have to sport a shorter top in order to keep the waist line exposed. Come to think of it; this is a rule of thumb for everyone wearing these.

Although some fashionistas wear the dress pants with oversized blazers, pairs with a crop or bra top. For work I wear them with a body suit to make sure my midriff is not exposed but my waistline is still the point of focus.

Jeans are also back to baggy. The waist are dropping down to low rises again with wider legs. I have a huge “been there, done that” issue with this look. At a certain age you also may wear the mom jeans as an actual mom. You know what I mean? Are they comfortable: absolutely! I spotted a more mature woman sporting loose jeans with a white button down half way tucked in. Looked phenomenal on her but most likely messy on me.

I will continue to wear my high waisted jeans. Simply cause they eliminate a muffin top and make my butt look phenomenal. I may drop them down again, with a wide leg or straight leg, I do like that style.

Besides that anything pleather or leather is a go this season. Blazers, shorts, skirts, moto jackets, leggings. I purchased a faux leather tank top that is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Last but not least: the hem lines. They are either mini or extremely maxi. I love them both. The long denim skirts will carry through until the Spring. Therefore definitely a purchase worth making.

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