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French Girl Florale Botanical Serum

For the love of my Allure Beauty Box! Another winner: French Girl Florale Botanical Serum. It’s a mixture of 20 (!) organic oils! As mentioned before: it took me a while to put oils on my face, but these are non-comedogenic. And holy crap, after applying it before I went to bed, I woke up trying to remember what I put on my face the night before because I looked fresh as a daisy!

It is a serum but feels thick like an oil. Therefore I prefer to apply it solo at night. You can obviously use it twice a day, like you would with a regular serum. Simply dap 3 to 4 drops gently to your face, neck and décolleté. The latter needs love too!

The down side; it ain’t cheap! $72.00 This is once again why I love my Allure Beauty Box. I received a full size bottle of this magic potion in my September beauty box for which I pay $19.00 a month. A love/ hate relationship there since I would have come across higher end products like this since I’m a cheap skate. I have, however, learned over the years that some products are an investment worth making.

I realize it seems as if I rave about a lot of products. My explanation to that is as follows: I don’t publish much about the stuff I don’t like. The reason for that is: I don’t want to down play anything. Because if something doesn’t work for me, it may work miracles for you!

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