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I am back to my style vs. fashion thing. Style is what is created by your personal identity. It is what you feel comfortable in, what looks good on you and what may set you apart from the rest. I have never been a true fashion follower although I will participate in certain trends. Only the ones that I feel will suit me.

To find a style that looks good on you, simply accent your best body part. This can be your legs, your boobs, your waist, even your arms or neck. I am blessed with a waist and legs although lacking in the boob department. I am not complaining, I have a little junk in my trunk.

With bigger boobs you are better off not going for high necks this will only intensify the size. A nice V or plunge neckline will compliment the girls. Smaller boobs will then obviously look fuller with a high neckline, and you can always invest in a good push up to enhance them while wearing tops that will expose some cleavage.

Muffin tops are now more easy to conceal with the high waist trend. High waists usually are more flattering for your butt too but only if the pockets are placed a little higher up. Read more Muffin top You may also resort to the mom jean although I have a slight “been there done that” issue with those. Plus they honestly only look good with bra tops, I will leave that to the younger crowd. Perfect example of a current trend that I am respectfully declining.

Cap sleeves can visually make your upper arms appear bigger, you may want this though. Should you want to not put the focus on them, then opt for a sleeve that falls a little longer or simply no sleeve at all. Spaghetti straps will elongate your neck line as where a muscle shirt will put the emphasis on the shoulders. It may seem like a lot but I think we have all figured this out over the years.

As far as colors are concerned, we all know darker colors are more flattering overall. Oranges and hot pinks will give any one with any skin tone a healthier glow. White will obviously brighten too. Prints are not always great in a top since it can take away from your face but I love a printed pant or skirt.

Overall I applaud any one who just wears what they want to wear. Most of us have learned over the years what works and what doesn’t. One thing I have let go of is the “I am too old for that”. Whatever floats your boat people regardless of age or size. Even the above mentioned are just guidelines that I find helpful, not “have to’s”. Just keep flaunting what you got!

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