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Resolutions vs Intentions

As we all start our new diets and work out routines a few days from now, I have reviewed and revised my previous “resolution” blogs. Maybe I should add something in regards to accountability in my list for 2023?

A resolution is literally “a firm decision to do something”. How does this differ from intentions, you may wonder. Or that could just be my brain. Resolutions are focused on smaller goals as where intentions have a broader focus. Google explains that a resolution can be to exercise, as that may count as an intention in my book. Therefore I will create a list of intentions instead, possibly with a few resolutions.

My first bullet point definitely qualifies as an intention: to change my work mindset. I intend to be more present and focused. I don’t have a choice since my massive promotion will require those traits to succeed.

Another intention is to continue to exercise and not feel the need to go hard in March when spring fashion is looming. I have been consistent. Yoga at least 5 times a week and long walks are crucial to my mental health. I will add more cardio and weights for toning.

Major intention: one I have become better at. Be my own joy! Yes, people or things can enhance your joy. But you can’t appreciate it if you are not at peace with yourself. Or is this more of an affirmation?! Awe snap! I also intend not to let anyone or anything steal my sparkle. This is harder than it sounds at times. Although as we age, this does become easier as we tend to give less fudges about people’s actions or material things. Thanks for sticking with me, I know that was deep.

A few I should list as determinations. I swore last year to take better care of myself. I have been diligent with my hair, nails and even taking my make up off at night. The annual physicals I will admit, I have slacked on. Physical, mammogram, pelvic exam yes even a colonoscopy, I have failed to reschedule. Surprisingly I have been going to the dentist regularly. Partly due to the fact that I love everyone there plus they are so easy to work with when it comes to scheduling. I need that in my crazy life! I wish I could schedule everything online or via txt messages. That may get my butt moving! I am determinedly schedule all the aforementioned, I will let you know by year end how that worked out. Shoot, I have to add my eye and ear check to that list as well. Good thing there are 365 days in the year again to do so!

Last but not least my last year’s resolution to text people back right away and/or reach out when I am thinking about someone. That one I stuck to. On the flip side of that, it also made me realize that some folks require “work” and that shouldn’t be. Therefore there are now lesser people who I have on my lists, which will make this habit a little less time consuming.

Because when resolutions turn into actual habits “a settled tendency” it’s a win. Since all habits are not always bad right?

Happy New Year! May all your resolutions come true!

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