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Closet Etiquette II

They say when you clean out your closet you clean out your conscience…..I wouldn’t go that far. It will make your life less cluttered for sure. If you have the luxury of having nothing else in your closet than clothes and shoes that helps. If you have less space, like I do, and your closet also stores your left over Christmas wrapping paper, your life will remain in disarray. Hey I love a good challenge!


Things every woman over 40 needs in her closet? Phew a lot of people out there don’t have my slight Peter Pan syndrome but I will share what some have to say about this subject.

  • An investment handbag. If you can afford it; I am all for it. Me personally….I rather buy 4 less expensive ones. I have never been one for brand names. Not a big fan of Coach, Vera or anyone actually…I tend to always end up buying Steve Madden and even then never at full price!
  • A trench coat I lost my favorite Zara trench in my divorce. That coat was a “splurge” for me, but I loved it therefore I am making a mental note right now to replace it this fall. I do prefer the three quarter length trench…the long ones remind me of flashers too much.
  • Power shoes you can actually walk on as mentioned before Closet etiquette I  Naturalizer and Easy Spirit may save your life in this department. They do have that comfortable insole for work shoes….as far as “going out” shoes go; we will continue to suffer although I do have my favorite dance shoes which are remarkably comfortable!
  • A bra that truly fits I love the ones that Victoria Secret recently came out with, the sexy illusion bra, they have a wider band on the side and “disappear” under everything. I also resort to H&M at times for bras. They also have the ones that hide boob flab.
  • My list of what everyone should have in their closet? Just my personal opinions, my motto will always “everything ain’t for everybody”.
  • A denim shirt and/or a denim jacket! Denim shirts I own all different versions of: long, short, oversized, fitted, dark denim, light denim….chambray….I am starting to sound like Bubba!
  • A dress that you are comfortable in but is sexy at the same time. Sounds like an impossible task but I managed to find a few of these. I think the key is that they should never be too tight and/or too short.
  • At least one pair of crazy uncomfortable “fire” shoes.
  • I don’t wear jeans often but I do believe that at least one pair that fits like a glove can’t hurt.
  • Fresh pair of sneakers!
  • A crispy white cotton blouse. I replace mine every year…just like my white tank tops Spring

My plan is to take all my summer stuff out soon and replace it with my fall and winter gear. Somehow it get excited over things that I find that I forgot I had! It’s like Christmas in September.


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