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Cellulite and pleather

I own about everything pleather. Pencil skirts, leggings, joggers, mini’s, bomber jackets, blazers. My leggings are my faves by far. I haven’t caved and got the real deal Spanx version yet, even though they are abandoned in many shopping carts. I have, however, purchased their cheaper sister version: Assets by Spanx at Target.

The biggest difference is the waist band. The Asset waistband is a comfy knit. The OG Spanx is solid pleather all the way up. The Assets are also more shiny, as where Spanx has a matte version and a patent leather one. The latter are also on my wishlist but are even pricier.

Trying to peel myself out of a pair of pleather leggings often makes me wonder if these have added benefits. They also always remind me of that infamous “Friends” scene where Ross “peels” himself out of a pair of leather pants. Hence my question of the possible added gain of cellulite reduction. Or is just one of my own illusions?

According to experts; it takes a whole lot of thermal energy to create any lasting effects of the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately enough, some tight fitting clothes can actually have the reverse effect if they cut off circulation. Limiting blood flow while wearing tight clothes may lead to the appearance of cellulite. Yikes! My other favorite Asset ponte leggings are quite taight.

That leads me to another misconception I had in regards to compression leggings. The word compression sounds confining to me. Au contraire, these babies actually increase blood flow during exercise. No added benefit to using them as lounge wear, I am sorry. Some will suggest that compression leggings may increase endurance and enhance performance. Now that is definitely a win! They will not, however, assist in cellulite reduction or weight loss.

It’s quite simple: it all boils down to the same ole same ole: you are on your own! Eat right, exercise, stay hydrated and moisturize. Plus keep rocking your pleather!

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