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I honestly don’t know if they make this *bleep* up to get us to exercise. Studies show that “breaking a sweat” helps protect your vision by increasing the blood flow to the eye. Will any kind of breaking a sweat do? I would love to think so!

My eyes were just fine. Up until about two years ago. Things became a little blurry up-close. Another joy of aging! The lens in your eye loses flexibility as we age. This makes it harder to focus on close objects.

The good news is, at least for the lazy at heart like myself, there are some really cute readers out there. These are basically just two magnifying lenses in a frame. I started with at 1.50…but these are sold up to 3.50. After that you have no excuse but to go see an eye doctor!

I feel as if readers make your eyes lazy. In my opinion glasses makes your eyes dependent on them. One day I forgot my readers and was forced to focus on the fine prints at work. As long as I’m in a well lit area I can still get away with it. But the moment I wear my readers all day, every thing will remain a blur for the rest of the night. Apparently this is just me because studies claim that readers do not weaken your eyes.

Once again, the moral of this story is to take care of your eyes as you do the rest of your body.

A few tips to preserve your vision:

– Don’t smoke.

– Wear sunglasses to protect your retina.

– Give your eyes a break from reading or staring at a computer screen all day by looking away every once in a while.

-Eat carrots! Or anything with beta carotene and foods with omega-3 fatty acids.

Oh and last but not least: get your eyes checked, on my list of 2023 determinations. Meanwhile I will keep focusing on working up a sweat. You go get some funky readers! I love Peepers, check out their site.

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