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Menopause Supplements

As aforementioned, I succumbed to the many adds that strategically popped up on my social media. Happy Mammoth, Go With The Flow, Premium Menopause Support, Meno etc. Since I am all for convenience, I chose the one with next day delivery on Amazon. Feel free to judge. Better Body Co. Original Provitaluze.

Provitalize mainly contains tumeric root extract and probiotics, no hormones. I am not ready to mess with that yet. The probiotics used are associated with weight reducing and fat burning. It is also helpful in improving immunity and reducing fat in the abdomen. This particular supplement contains a thermogenic blend, which then lists all the probiotics linked with burning belly fat. This is not the only benefit, it also claims to ease hot flashes, joint pain, bloating, soothe inflammation and fatigue. It is 100% natural and vegan. I feel like I picked a winner but I will let you know in a few more weeks, since this product claims to show results in 4 weeks. I am on an inconsistent week one. So far I feel like it works like a laxative but that may be the Purslane I am taking along with it.

What I am wondering is if there is such a thing as too many probiotics. I also take Up4 Probiotic Supplement for women for vaginal and digestive immune support. To keep that hu-ha and gut healthy. This product does not specify their probiotics, they merely state it contains “unique” strains of probiotics. In products like this it is apparently good to have between 10 and 30 different probiotic strains. This does not apply when probiotics are use to treat a specific condition. Like the menopause belly!

It is safe to take probiotics since it is a natural supplement. I get it from my yogurt, my provitalize and my Up4. I have read up on it, and I can rest assure. There is no harm in taking in a lot of probiotics even for a long period of time. Worst case scenario it can cause constipation in some cases or bloating. The latter being kind of ironic since this is what we’re trying to avoid.

On a serious note; some diseases have proven to originate from imbalances of the normal gut microbiota. Therefore probiotics are important to everyone. If there’s an added bonus somewhere of a flatter stomach: I will take it! Estrogen belly Menopause belly

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