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Estrogen belly

Curse the AI marketing bots who have successfully infiltrated my social media targeting troubles concerning my age.

I have since then ordered the vitamins and started adding Purslane to my diet. Yes, my thought exactly: WTH is purslane? That resulted in a whole other blog. This belly thing is a fact though. I am 140 lbs and work out pretty regularly but not enough. I try to walk as much as I can, that counts! I have never had a tight stomach nor the complete opposite: a pouch. The latter is trying to rear its ugly head. I know it’s part of aging but as mentioned before, I’m going down swinging.

During menopause women become more “estrogen dominant”. This promotes insulin resistance, which causes the belly fat build up. Guess it beats monthly periods. Just trying to look on the bright side!

There are of course ways to burn belly fat, or visceral fat, most of them involving food and exercise. No surprises there. But in this scenario, it may also involve the reset of hormones. Not my words, but according to the experts. Our hormone levels can cause belly fat to stick. Studies show that menopausal women on hormone therapy tend to have less body fat, especially less belly fat.

But before you run to the doctor to get these hormones , try the following approaches first. Reducing sugar intake, eliminating processed foods from your diet and things like dairy, alcohol and caffeine may help reset your insulin level. I am on board with a few of these but I love my dairy and caffeine.

Besides the aforementioned Purslane; increase your clean protein. With clean, I mean the kind that is anti-inflammatory like lentils and cold water, low mercury seafood like salmon and cod. So far I am checking off a lot of the boxes. Although the next suggestion: the limiting of fructose may be an issue for me. I love my fruits, especially bananas and I refuse to believe their bad for me. Should I decide to listen then I will stick to the suggested lemons, limes, avocados and olives. Fructose apparently does not let your brain know that you’re full so you can keep on eating it. Purslane will battle the fructose in your belly though. Interesting!

But that’s not it. There’s certain exercises as well as life style changes that will assist in the battle of the belly bulge. Stay tuned for other non-dietary solutions!

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