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B-FOXY review

I usually blog about stuff I love. In this case I promised I would give this a shot. But I will have to keep it real.

In B-Foxy’s by Maely’s defense; I may just not be the target audience. The product claims to give tighter and firmer looking thighs and smooth their appearance. It contains micro algae and coconut oil amongst others. But these two are the key players that target the look of fatty skin and give it a smooth appearance.

Too be clear; it targets cellulite. Something I do not have much of on my thighs. Hence the statement that this may just not be the product for me. I probably should have tried the butt variant which is the area where my dents are more present. My goal was to make my thighs look “less old”. I walk, I “work out”, wear heels all day. All these activities have giving me some nice thunder thighs, but these are now prone too crepey skin.

Therefore I spent the 50 bucks to give this a shot, egged on by a few fans. I even tried it for a longer period of time to justify my findings. Truth is: this product will work on younger skin that is still capable of bouncing back. These fifty plus thighs need moisture and oils!

I will say that the reason why I am holding on to this potion is that it contains tapioca starch. This avoids chafing in the thigh area. Yes, the good old Chub Rub. My best read throw back blog. Not because of the quality of the content but due to the joy of perverted minds. Either way; I am not knocking the product. It just wasn’t meant for me. Everything ain’t for everybody!

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