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Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser review

Once again; I usually blog about stuff I love. This is one, I’m completely on the fence about.

My first thought after reading up on this was; why isn’t everyone using this if you can get 3 years of use out of a 12 dollar purchase? Even if you use it twice a week that’s less than 5 cents a day. There had to be a catch. The truth is; there is.

The Bleame Crystal is made out of etched glass, similar to a glass nail file, or as they like to call it; nano-crystalline technology. It claims to remove hair painlessly, easily and effectively. It removes the hair from the surface of the skin, which means it may take a few days or even weeks before it grows back fully. Shaving is done with a blunt edge therefore the hair will grow back quicker. Crystal removes it on an angle which also eliminates strawberry skin.

I used this product, as directed, after a shower on damp skin. I applied medium pressure in gentle circular motions. Maybe not too gentle in certain areas. No worries; I started out with legs only. Apparently it is save to use anywhere; from your face to your pubes. I played it safe. I will start by saying that certain places are harder to get to then others. Therefore I missed a few spots. I also may have been a bit too aggressive on the thighs which are the easiest to get to. Initially I was thrilled. Please remain in the shower since this tool also removes dead skin cells which make this a messier process than expected. Nevertheless thrilling, removal of dead skin is an added bonus. Make sure you rinse the tool off after use to ensure the effectiveness of it.

The aftermath showed different results. As aforementioned, I did have to touch up certain spots with a razor. The strawberry skin was indeed less apparent. In my case those same spots also seemed to be the most sensitive. The skin on the back of my thighs was red and irritated. I may have been a bit too harsh on that area. 24 hours later I do notice that I’m less stubbly than after a shave. To me that’s definitely a plus.

Conclusion, Pros: it’s absolutely eco-friendly as well as economical. It can save you a lot of money on waxing and/or razors. My hair seems to not grow back in as fast or as stubbly. Even though this product claims to work best on medium to fine hair, I have the thick coarse kind. It will aid in giving your legs a smoother overall appearance due to the added bonus of an intense scrub. Cons: it’s not very sensitive to your skin therefore I will only continue to use it on my legs. Meaning that it’s not the answer to all our hair removal problems. Exactly why I’m still on that fence.

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