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Fall Shoes 2023

My shoe collection consists of heels and sneaks, not much in between. Kitten heels are on the trend list for this fall but will not be in my closet. I , for some unexplainable reason, can not walk in heels shorter than 3 inches at bare minimum.

The next on the list have been on there for a few years now: the over the knee boot. A love-hate in my book. I love the over the knee sock boots because they stay up. I do not like the ones I have to keep tugging on to keep them from dropping to my ankles. In come tall slouchy boots, they are supposed to drop. They won’t accent your legs as much but can still be quite sexy, especially when paired with a tiny skirt,

Combat boots. Have they ever left the scene? They keep reappearing every time the temperature drops. With heels or without, but overall the clunkier the better. I will stick to the heeled versions and my Timbs for the snow.

Pointed toes, yes please. wedged heels I am on the fence about. In my personal opinion, a wedged heel can take away from the sexiness of wearing a heel. Some claim they are more comfortable but I beg to differ there as well; they have a tendency to feel clunky. It’s harder to strut in wedges. But knowing me, I will succumb to this trend.

New this season; textured shoes, although the fuzzies have been around in slippers. Textured shoes, yes as in faux fur, feathers and fuzzies. But this time your heels may be furry, not just your lounge wear. Not sure how well they will hold up in the rain!

Sock boots, or just socks period. I love them. I have ankle versions as well as over the knees. What I love about them is that your toes have free range. The right sock boot can be quite elegant since they will emphasize your ankles and create an elongated silhouette. And yes, just socks are shown on the catwalks too, and leg warmers. speaking of comfort and the ability to wiggle your toes!

Red shoes are always a must in my collection. I am happy they are on the list of fall must haves this season. Red heels will spice up any outfit. I love adding a pop of red to an all black or navy outfit. Navy tends to be more forgiving as we age. Red pumps also pair so well with jeans, whether you opt for distressed or a dark denim wide leg, they will work. Feel free to channel your inner Peg Bundy and wear your red shoes with an animal print. Leopard dress, zebra skirt, panter pants it all makes it more fun. Or pay tribute to Olivia: black faux leather legging with some red pumps.

Last but not least; sneakers; the Adidas samba has been tipped as the new It shoe since the beginning of the summer. I have been hooked on New Balance, once again for comfort. But I do like to stay up on sneaker trends. Therefore the NB 550 may be next on my list.

A lot to say about shoes, because they are worth talking about. They can make or break an outfit. Shoes there are definitely plenty of options to chose from this fall!

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