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Fall colors 2023

You can never go wrong with black, jewel tones, grey, off whites and light beige in the fall. As always.

If you want to live dangerously go rogue with reds, lavender and sunny yellow hues. Let me rephrase that: I meant digital lavender. A new color officially announced the color of the year by the Pantone color institute. This lavender has a hue of grey which makes it a little cooler than traditional lavender. Lavender compliments almost every skin tone. I have never been into any kind of purple but I have seen some interesting pieces in this shade.

Blues are out there in full force too. Ice blue was already hot during the summer and a softer, cooler shade of ice blue is carried on into the fall color scheme. Navy blue usually pops up in the spring but I welcome it for any season. Especially as we age; dark blue is more complimentary than black. It softens, as where black can make you appear more harsh. Use dark blue as a base and pair it with any color mentioned above. Yes even black and navy are fashionably correct. I also love it with off whites.

Staying with the blue theme; denim. Not a color, I realize that but it is most commonly blue. I can’t get enough of it. Anything goes, all washes may be worn together. Long denim skirts with button down denim blouses, even denim dresses and overalls; bring on the blues.

Ton sur ton, tonal, works best in my personal opinion. I love matching shades of whites or blues, even reds. I am funny about black. I like mixing black up with denim but overall I prefer to keep it solid black. I have learned to pair my LBD with a bright blazer every once in a while but I prefer to keep it just black. It’s sexy and chic.

As always; fashion is almost a dirty word, it’s about style and individuality. Although sometimes the fashion forecasts do give me style inspiration. Happy Fall Y’all!

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