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My truth about Peter Thomas Roth instant Firmx

I now realize why the video went viral. I have a similar one but am too vain to share it, although I will set my vanity aside to show you the real life before and after. In this case, I am referring to the face cream in this case. I have yet to try the eye cream that went viral.

There are 3 ways to use this potion. One is to apply it on clean skin and keep your face expressionless for at least 7 minutes. That is harder than it sounds. I focused on my squirrel cheeks which tend to sag more and more. You will instantly feel this stuff tighten your skin, almost as if you put glue on your face. It will leave a slight white residue which you’re supposed to wipe off with water. Don’t go overboard with this because you will wipe off the product as well.

The tricky part follows; you may use moisturizer over top of it and a gently pat foundation on. That, in theory, does not work out well. Anything liquid will get clumpy. I applied a tiny bit of moisturizer followed by Laura Geller Powder Foundation which seemed to work out better, but the magic “lift” was not apparent anymore.

The second option is to blend the product with your moisturizer. I will have to try this again. I blended a drop of it on the back of my hand with a pretty generic moisturizer. I didn’t want to blend it with a moisturizer that contained vitamin C or retinol since I am not sure if it will bite with the acting ingredient in the Firmx. I honestly don’t know what this ingredient is. (A blend of silicates and seaweed, I learned later). I did not notice a lot of difference nor did I feel the tightness but I will try this again.

The third option is the most drastic. You apply the product to your face in a thick layer like you would a mask, and let it sit for an hour. Once again expressionless. In this case; not so hard to do, since after 10 minutes you won’t be able to move your face. After 20 minutes you look like a ghostly version of your 18 year old self. Ghostly due to the white film. Eighteen year old self because your skin will become visibly taut. This seemed promising!

Right before the hour was up, I said good bye to a younger version of myself, I decided to crack a smile. This shattered the illusion. After rinsing the mask off my skin was slightly red and possibly a bit more tight. Just not in the areas I was hoping for.

The whole experience made me realize that at one point I have to embrace the aging process and roll with it. I will continue to use products that will prevent or delay it, but there is no magic product out there to turn back time. Unless I resort to plastic surgery, Botox or fillers. I choose not to go there, although tempted.

I am young at heart and feel as if sometimes the exterior does not match it. But young at heart will keep me mentally young which will keep me active. Overall that is key! Keep it moving, get lots of sleep, stay hydrated and moisturized. Have frequent orgasms, dance and laugh. The latter may not be so great for the skin but I am proud of my laugh lines.

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