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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow serum

Nothing ordinary about the ordinary. They seem to have another winner on their hands. I know I am not the first one to write a raving review. The other reviews did entice me to dig a little deeper into this product.

I won’t get too technical since this stuff has 14 active ingredients, including 4 peptide complexes and a series of natural extracts. It is advertised that this serum shows results in 4 weeks. It may be my imagination but I used this diligently twice daily, as directed, and noticed a change after a week.

My eyebrows seem to be fuller especially the inner parts which were thinning. Even crazier is that I have a little bald spot in my lower lashes. Literally an millimeter without hair. After applying this potion for a week, there is a tiny hair growing in the center of the spot.

I am all about things that make me go “mmm”. I am a female, I overthink. If this works on lids and brows; why isn’t this used for other balding areas? I searched the web but this one was question I could not find an answer for.

What I did find out that these serums can lead to hyperpigmentation around the eyes. They stimulate pigments which leads to the darker lashes, but also to darker skin around the eye. Some go as far as stating that lash serums will reduce fat around the eyes. This may make make age you. Remember, our wrinkles need fat.

I am not too worried about the latter. Knowing me, I get lazy and this will only be temporary. Although if I do like something; I have developed some loyalty to my skin care products. This definitely comes with age. I am pleasantly surprised about the fact that my sensitive eyes are not on fire after using this twice a day. My eyes are very selective.

Let me not forget to mention that this is also a miracle product for your brows. My eye brows are definitely less prominent than they used to be, they are definitely thinner and less dark than they used to be. Mainly due to over plucking back in the nineties. I noticed a difference almost right away. There has to be some kind of dye in this serum. Once again “mmm”.

Nevertheless , it’s a win. If you have false eyelashes then this is also recommended to make your lashes stronger. I have not resorted to the lash enhancements, although tempted. I am blessed with decent lashes, and now even an extra hair! I am sold.

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