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National lipstick day huh? I was thankful for masks because it took away the lipstick “pressure”. I will admit, I’m not made for it. I will look like I ate a bowl of spaghetti after applying any lip stick although if I rrreally have to I will do the primer and the liner stuff Feathering

I was just about to throw out all my L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte lipsticks. This lipstick is so long lasting that once you line your lips with it and fill it in, you are guaranteed that the outline will last for 24 hours. My problem exactly. I ended up walking around with dramatically stained, out of wack lip outlines. It tends to get flaky and get on my teeth after a few hours of wearing it. This turns out to be my own fault, I have learned that liquid formulas break down when paired with oils…oooh….so me putting lip balm over the matte colors of Infallible to avoid my lips to get dry and creasy actually made them flakier!?! My tip for this long ass lasting lipstick is just reapply after eating to avoid the crazy outline look.

Some of the lipsticks I tried:

The Kardashians Nude line. Not a fan, maybe for younger lips with an amazing primer.

Juice Beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow seem so need a couple of coatings and it wasn’t really my color. See pic above. This color is actually called Gwyneth. I would probably buy the color Blythe but this color was in my Allure box. Gwyneth does not last through dinner.

Bare Naturals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss is a nice every day wearable gloss. Now I just need to find a way from my hair to stop sticking to my lips when I wear lipgloss. My only solution to this now is to only use lipgloss of any kind when I have my hair pulled back.

My favorite color by far is made by Maybelline. It’s number 950 untainted spice. This is a from their Color Sensational line. This is a lipstick that needs frequent touch ups. The old fashioned way. Like me; old school, therefore probably the one I should stick with and apply it the “proper” way as listed below.

Proper way to apply lipstick (but who seriously has time for all that):

  • Exfoliate and hydrate
  • Apply a primer ( I have been told MAC has a great one )
  • Line and fill
  • Apply and blot
  • Dust with powder

I promise I will try this out….one day….


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