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The bad news is that you can kill any outfit with the wrong shoes. The good news: you can make yourself look so much better with the right shoes.

I will try to shed some light on this for you. If you are not tall or the length of your body does not consist of 60% leg keep the following things in mind. Dark colored boots with bare legs will always make your legs look shorter as will boots that cover your ankle. I only wear boots that cover my ankle if they are snug around that area or stop short around the ankle.

These are three examples that will make your legs look shorter:

Ankle straps will cut off the length of your length but can also be extremely sexy. Closed toe ankle strap with sheer black hosiery will do the trick there. The only thing that can save you here in the second picture are black tights. One solid color will always elongate. The far right pic may work with a shorter skirt. Or just get lighter colors for the spring for your paler legs. Obviously, the darker your legs are; the darker your shoe color can be….it’s all about that continuous one tone…

Booties with skinny jeans are awesome but always show a little ankle, unless your jeans are “legging-tight” please do not wear the booties over the jeans.

When I first heard of the sweats with heels I was like oh heck no…but it is growing on me! If it is done correctly you can wear any heel but once again; with sweats that are snug around the ankle. It’s all about the ankle! I will cowardly wear pretty black sweats with my heels but if you dare to put on your gray bulky sweats with some heels I will applaud that. Awesome dance outfit….although my heels will still not be comfy!! Feet

I have become a sneaker nut, in my book they go with everything! Another must have for the spring is a comfy espadrille wedge…and a strappy low “gladiator” sandal and yes an open toed bootie…and a bright colored heel….and uhm….maybe another pair of sneakers!

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