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Spring Trends

Listen…I am all for new trends but since everything is on a five to ten year rotation there are certain styles I am willing to let go.

Starting off with crushed velvet. Trust me, I used to wear full crushed velvet cat suits back in the eighties, but that is exactly where it belongs; a few decades back. I won’t lie, I bought a pair of velvet leggings on sale at H&M and since then have worn them once. Especially in the spring; they seem to Christmassy for Easter. Crushed velvet bathing suits? Sounds like a sagging butt look in the making….although I haven’t tested it nor will I test it. If you have a positive experience please let me know.

Cold shoulder is almost played out but it is definitely a trend anyone can pull off at any age. Off shoulder tops are trickier, you’ll have a tug of war with your shirt all-night-long. Pick your battles ladies. I prefer the one shoulder out top.

Stripes have always been my favorite. They always add a little spunk to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to pair your stripe with an other color such as pink or red.

I will recommend the high waist jeans as well. They make any butt look amazing, no muffin top plus it is almost impossible to eat muffins when you wear them! I can’t do spanks or any other body shaping gear but these seem to work just fine.

The floral trend I am completely down with. I will even wear my floral pants to my bank job, although it may be slightly frowned upon by HR. I do keep the rest of my outfit in solid colors, but you can match florals with florals or even with stripes if you are more daring than I am! I prefer to keep my floral prints in skirts and pants because once again; a print can take away from your beautiful face..

Another one I love this season is the bold statement sleeve. They are a pain in the butt if you need to wear a jacket, and the bell sleeves are definitely not made for a dinner date unless you have some rubber bands handy to hold them out of your soup.

Lastly the lavender trend. Honestly I have always been fascinated with America’s love for purple. This love I don’t share, that might be a result of  my nanny days and an overload of Barney though. Lavender I can live with. This is also a color which is complimentary to almost every skin tone. Fuchsia and light blues are also miracle workers, but be careful with oranges and yellows, certain hues will not bring out the best in you.

Bringing it back to the age thing…I switched a lot of my black pieces out with navy blue. It is less harsh on the skin and will therefore make you appear younger. White will always reflect light in your face and that is exactly what we all need! Make sure they are nice and crispy though! Spring



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