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Under eye fixes

Due to my own advice I need a cure for bags even more so currently since that whole sleeping on my back thing kept me up all night! I will continue to deal with my squished up, wrinkly face in the morning. Under eye issues

There are so many products out there but I decided to start with home remedies first. Little did I know that my beloved castor oil (which is doing wonders for my hair! Mane)also works for under eye wrinkles. Mind you I have had a rough week when I started trying this. So far this has shown better results than any fancy crème, although I will say that I am smiling harder in pic number 2 which will always show my wrinkles. Please note these are all taken without any concealers or filters.

The good old cucumber trick never fails. I love it because it’s quick and easy! It hydrates the skin around your eyes and the coldness of it will decrease the puff.

Tea bags are little miracle workers for de-puffing, make sure you let them cool off before putting them on your eye! I like chamomile teabags but that apparently is not the right kind. It may reduce redness around your eye, but you would need caffeinated tea bags because they contain something called tannins…which can reduce swelling…..who knew?! Another thing I have been doing wrong for 20 years. Hey it is a learning process for me too!

Basically anything cold can take care of some of the bags under your eyes caused by fluid retention. You can wrap a tissue around ice cubes and gently press this down on your bags, or some will use cold spoons, they should do the trick too. I will grab anything in site that’s cold; grapes, the bottom of a water bottle, my cold fingertips in the wintertime…teething rings….


The other thing that you should have in your arsenal is witch hazel. I love this stuff to clean my face with or to dab on irritated skin or razor bumps. For a cold compress for your eyes I was told to refrigerate the witch hazel for about 10 minutes (I did 20 because I got caught up in Say Yes to the Dress) and then relax for about 10 minutes with cotton balls soaked in the chilled witch hazel on your closed eyes.(I only peeked to see which dress she picked). I will admit there was a slight stinging sensation but I have very sensitive skin around my eyes. No miracles occurred during the 10 minutes but I believe it might be better to try this first thing in the morning to reduce puffiness and possibly redness, I did this mid day. Witch hazel is also great for hemorrhoids, they’re red and puffy too right? That reminds me:

Is Prep-H on your eye bags a myth or does that actually work? I don’t have any lying around to try. I have read up on it and it may be a quick fix for your bags but I still don’t think it’s a great idea to put hydrocortisone any where near your eye. And just the thought it really needs to go somewhere totally different…but please let me know if this has worked for you!


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