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Fashion will always keep me talking…or writing I should say. I miss working in the industry due to the constant changes. I will say that the thing I love about the US is that you can wear whatever you want! No one will say that something is sooo-last-year!! I mentioned before that in my home country I can spot the current trend the moment I set foot on Dutch ground. Fashionista But I have always done my own thing and will continue to do so…Dare to wear bell bottoms in a society of skinnies!


I never used to wear jeans. I have always loved my denim skirts, dresses, jackets and shirts but jeans were just uncomfortable to me. I still prefer leggings. The new stretchy distressed jeans are a blessing in disguise, allowing the fabric to be less restrictive due to the holes in the knees and of course the elastane. My legs do sometimes remind me of a roast beef where the threads covers the hole but this tends to loosen up during the course of the day.

Tencel is a sustainable fabric, usually a little more expensive denim blend but it is so comfortable. Chambray is also a winner even though not truly a denim either…I don’t want to get too technical but it’s all in the weaving of the fabric.

Denim on denim used to be so not done but I am soooo happy it is the “in” thing now.

A denim jacket is a wardrobe must have although a good one is hard to find. I have had mine for over 15 years. Once I run into a new denim jacket to replace this one I won’t mind splurging because they last for decades in my wardrobe.

A denim jumpsuit is on my “have-to-have” list this year but thus far I have been unsuccessful in finding one.

I mentioned before that the high waisted jeans are a winner for me too since it is not always easy to find jeans that fit with a waist to hip ratio like mine. Or would that be waist to butt ratio? Spring Trends

The best part of these looks is that you can dress them up or down in a flash. (Every sales persons favorite line!) Pair your jeans with your favorite kicks, sandals…yes even flip flops….during the day and replace them with your hooker heels at night for a great “going-out” look.


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