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European styles

I can only speak for the Dutch when it comes to European fashion, but since they are well up on it they are an awesome bunch to follow. The Dutch, in general, are herd animals. This keeps the economy afloat since you can only wear your treggings (I will explain later) in 2018 and/or mix floral and panther prints this summer because it will be frowned upon in 2019.

As mentioned before, I can spot the current trend upon arrival at Schiphol airport. A week ago it was the “tregging”, a combination of a track pant and a legging. They are freaking awesome, because you know I am all for comfort! Too bad I can’t wear them to work. Honestly they are basically fancy sweats, worn with sneaks during the day and heels at night. What I do love about my Dutchies that even women well into their 60’s will wear these paired with a pair of Adidas Superstars. These pants absolutely qualify for the number one fashion herd award and I will be grazing along with this hype. The beauty of the US is that I will be able to sport them well into 2019! They also come in floral prints….the ones pictured above are sold by Zara. No affiliate but I love me some Zara!

Another item that I have seen more in stores here as well is the wide leg pant. Tricky for any one below 6 foot but also; so comfy and elegant when worn the right way. I like the high waisted ones, they elongates the leg…they will require either a bodysuit or a cropped top to go with them. Keep your waist line accentuated. (If that is even a word). I have no choice but to wear these with a heel but the tall can sport them with flats.

And the paper bag waist pants….I love the tapered version of these although I saw a ton of wide legged ones as well. The problem with these is that they only look good standing up…sitting down they bunch in awkward places…They are also not too flattering if you already have a flat behind and will accent a bigger one…the latter I have no issues with! I would recommend heels with these as well.
Like most Americans, the Dutch love their sneakers…and yes some still wear wooden shoes! The sneaks are not worn for comfort but currently more so for the style aspect. Another look I adapted from them is the dress-tights-sneaker look, funky and comfy. The ultimate win-win. Don’t get it twisted; the sneaks will be ousted in Holland the moment another style makes their entry. Not surprisingly so but the sneaker trend has lingered for a while now on the other side of the pond.

Lastly: I spotted panthers/floral prints for men, women and kids….mmm…it’s growing on me but I probably wouldn’t buy it. I will leave this to the Dolce and Gabbana  lovers. Some things ain’t for everybody.




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