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Mother’s day

Biologically I am not a mother, but someone told me (probably to make me feel less left out) that if you have ever taken care of someone you are technically a mother. So therefore I am one!


My mom is the poster child of any old school mother; caring, loving a slight bit overbearing but in a sweet way. Fashion wise I will never forget how she came to help break down our 6th grade summer camp in cropped, cuffed jeans with black and white striped socks. I don’t think we ever let her live that down! My grandmother on the other hand never wore jeans, her motto was that you are better over than underdressed. I stick by that to this day. Another one of her clichés statements was the “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”. I agree with that as well. And no that doesn’t mean showing up in your PJ’s cause your dream job is to test video games from the comfort of your own home….

My observation on social media: Twinning… I said; I am not a mom so my thoughts on this are worthless..but I think this is cute to a certain degree. Maybe by matching colors or certain accessories…but twinning with your daughter; I’d say or sing “let it go”. But that is just my opinion!!


Mom jeans! My mom never wore them. I applaud anyone who can make them look fashionable today, since they are back in style. The plus side is that they will accent your waste and make your derriere look bigger. Make sure you keep your waste line exposed while trying to accomplish this look because this look can go from funky to frumpy in a heartbeat. Some killer heels will also help!


I am surrounded by a ton of amazing mothers. Your kids are lucky to have you! I don’t know how the heck you guys still look so fab while taking care of kids…I would be a hot mess! There are a few things out there now that can help you along such as lash extensions, tattoo’d eyebrows, gel nails. With lash extension and/or tattooed eyebrows you can just roll out of bed and keep on trucking…if you have any questions about that please check my adopted daughter’s (!) web page: She even changed my little stubs into a glam look. This reminds me that I have to test hand creams!!

I did do some research on so called busy-mom-beauty-hacks (since I am the only one I need to get ready in the morning and I barely accomplish that on certain days). Some of these hacks seem like more work to me. A few stuck out; shaving your legs with Pond’s cold cream. Dry…just like that…no shower needed. I can’t vouch for this since I haven’t tried it yet.  But I will keep you up to date once I have.

Another is baby oil, this is my own hack, I apply this while in the shower, it saves time since you can skip the lotion after your shower. Make sure you use a different towel to dry your hair because you don’t want that oil residue in your mane. Baby lotion also works as a high lighter on your cheekbone for a nice dewey finish! I am also in the process of testing dry shampoos which could be a potential lifesaver for all moms. I will follow up on that shortly…

I have work to do!

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